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January 2009

Pantomime - Sinbad by Stuart Arden

May 2010

Lasagne and Laughs - Supper Evening with Three One-act Plays

October 2010

Silliness, Sex and Shoulder Pads - Four One-act Plays

January 2011

Pantomime - Ali Baba and the Four Tea Thieves

May 2011

Two of a Kind - a comedy by Hugh Janes

January 2012

Pantomime - Beauty and the Beast by Alastair Clinton

May 2012

The Exorcism - a play by Don Taylor

October 2012

Fifty Shades of Beige - Supper Evening with Five One-act Plays

January 2013

Pantomime - Robin Hood and his band of Merry Persons by Peter Nutall

July 2013

Theft - a play by Eric Chappell

January 2014

Pantomime - Once Upon a Witch by Alan Robinson

May 2014

Forget Me Knot - a comedy by David Tristram

October 2014

Nobody’s Perfect - a comedy by Simon Williams

January 2015

Pantomime - Cinderella and the Velvet Slipper (no details available)

July 2015

A Sense of the Ridiculous - a Supper Evening with Three One-act Plays

October 2015

Day of Reckoning - a comedy by Pam Valentine

January 2016

Pantomime - The Wizard of Oz by Emma Houldershaw & Samantha Cartwright

May 2016

A Tomb with a View - a comedy thriller by Norman Robbins

September 2016

Short Tails & Tall Tales - a Supper Evening with Three One-act Plays

January 2017

Pantomime - Treasure Island by Bradford & Webster

May 2017

Fools Call it Fate - a drama by Jessica McHugh

September 2017

Supper Evening with Five One-act plays

January 2018

Pantomime - Alice in Wonderland

May 2018

Spirit Level - a drama play by Pam Valentine

September 2018

 Pain, Pudding, Password & Plant -  a Supper Evening with Four One-act Plays

January 2019

Pantomime - The Great Panto Bake-off

May/June 2019

Table Manners’ a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn

September 2019

Supper Evening with one Play and one Comedy.

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